• Regulations


During the route, we will be sharing the zone with other users, that is why we need to respect the behavior’s rules and be respectful. As well as the circulation rules in the tracks.


We are cycling through an extremely beautiful spot, in paths, routes, tracks, let’s just be respectful with the environment, it will benefit everybody. Do not throw garbage!


The participants will receive the tracks for your GPS device, a map and a welcome pack, as well as the route’s breafing and an exclusive finisher cycling jersey.

An insurance policy is indispensable to participate. If you don’t have it, we can provide a daily insurance. Just let us know.

Inclement weather is not a reason to cancel the activity, it’s an outdoor activity.


It’s recommended to take 1,5l of water, especially during summer days. You will find plenty of spots to stop for a while, but in some stages there is more distance between the main points.

Very Important: It’s highly recommended to have the bicycle in perfect conditions, checked thoroughly, with brake pads and maintenance set. During the route, you will find some places to buy spare parts, but it is important to bring a minimum set with you. We can help you out with whatever you may need: either find spare parts or a mechanic, if necessary.


We advise you to come with comfortable footwear and suitable clothing for the season.

The Tracks Mallorca route is not a competitive event, we wish you to enjoy the landscape, the villages and everything you may discover along the route.

Most of the route is made of cycle trails, with the exception of some spots in which the precaution and the ability may oblige you to put your foot on the ground…

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